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Sarah Pamplin

Freelance Environmental and Health Writer

Hi, I'm Sarah,
knowledgeable and distinctive 

writer, blogger, and editor.

You're here because you have a message;

a thought or an ambition that drives you. 

You know that it has the power to move others.

All you need is the voice.

Whether your message is already put into words,

or still just a dream,

I can help bring your passion to others

with clarity and precision.


What needs writing?

Here are just a few of the things I can do for you...

Blog Posts

From heart-rending news of environmental frontiers, to mouth-watering recipes made to share, my posts offer relentless quality, addictive content and a voice that is both authoritative and personal.


Give your story the momentum and energy it needs

to take your audience to another level.

Whether it's a speech, song, or sci-fi novel,

I have a passion for the authenticity and clarity

of your unique voice and message. 


With an unwavering eye for detail

and a superior knowledge of the English language,

I've found glaring, and embarrassing mistakes in even the most well-regarded publications. 

Let me find yours BEFORE you publish.  


You've written your content with a unique voice and a clear purpose.  Let them shine through by hiring an editor who's thorough, driven, and dedicated to making YOUR message clear and unencumbered.

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