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"One should use common words to say uncommon things." - Arthur Schopenhauer

Nice to meet you! I'm Sarah! 

Born and raised in the south with a slight counter-culture tendency, I've been a skeptic and a daydreamer my whole life.  At Jacksonville University, I studied classical voice while focusing heavily on writing, taking on extra courses and research projects to take my writing chops to the next level.

My love of nature, animals and food landed me the opportunity to produce my own blog, Practically Vegan, in which I tackle food-related issues ranging anywhere from environmental impacts to social issues.  I develop and publish some pretty awesome recipes there too!


Today, I'm a full-time freelance writer and editor, classical piano hobbyist, and avid Trekkie!  I live in Marietta, GA with my fabulous fiance, Jake, and my lovely cat, Starbuck.  

About Me

Clarity and simplicity are the keys to good writing. 

If the goal is to share an idea, and to make that idea compelling,

then good writing must be accessible and understandable.

When we go beyond that to challenge and educate our readers,

all while uplifting, inspiring and empowering them,

we've created something truly exceptional! 

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