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Services & Pricing

Here's a little more about what I can do for you

and what to expect along the way!

Blog Posts

Get your reader's attention, and don't give it back!

With stunning hooks, effortless flow, and

clear calls-to-action, my posts will draw the reader in and take them along for the ride!  

Together we can turn your casual readers

into avid return visitors! 

up to 500 words - $50

up to 1000 words - $90

up to 5000 words - $400

(approximate guide, custom quotes available)


Your story is your power. 

With the right words it has the power to change hearts and minds, the momentum to move mountains!

Whether journeying through imaginary worlds, or revealing the narrative of your world,  

I can help you find the words to bring life to your story!

Each poem, speech, song or novel is unique!

Tell me about YOUR story

and let's get started!


Time to put a fine polish on your hard work!

This final, crucial step before publishing can take your project from satisfactory to sublime. 

The finish line is in sight, so don't quit now! 

Finish strong with professional proofreading.

up to 1,000 words - $15

each add'l 1,000 words - $10

Tell me about your project!


Whether you need help fleshing out a story, or simply want to guarantee your grammar and word choice are impeccable, you'll need an editor in your corner. 

Strong communication and a highly customizable editor-writer relationship is how I ensure a stress-free process.

Basic Copyediting - $8 per page

Developmental Editing - $12 per page

(approximate guide, custom quotes available)

Not Sure Where


project lands?

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